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Open Skips for Hire and Bin on wheels for Hire

Waste Collection

At Magic Skip Hire we offer waste collection services for the industrial and commercial industry. Such businesses may need periodical clearing of the skips or bins. We offer this service on a contractual basis as well. This service is ideal for chains of hotels and restaurants that might have a considerable amount of waste to be disposed of. We also offer this service for collecting garbage/waste during large events. These can be one of events or events that span through a number of days. We will sort it out.

This service can also be used in conjunction with the 1100-litre bin on wheels. We can come and empty the bin and then put it back in its place.

Please consider consulting the local authorities before booking a 1100 litre bin on wheels hire. This service is typically used together with our waste collection service. If you need any clarifications or advice regarding this matter you may contact us for consultation. At Magic Skip Hire we will guide you accordingly at every step to help you have more peace of mind.

We will do our utmost to offer an efficient and cost-effective service to all our clients. You can book one of our services by contacting us on 79592036, via email, or by using our booking form. Click the below button to book one of our services by using our online form.

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