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Open Skips for Hire and bin on wheels for Hire in Malta

Bobcat Hire

The bobcat is a small excavation machine that is ideally used for small/medium excavation projects. Its great advantage is its compact size, allowing it to be used in tight and hard-to-reach places. The Bobcat is also equipped with a sifter to separate rocks from soil. This is ideal for retaining good soil and promoting a better environment.

The Bobcat machine is available for hire for short and long term according to the customer's needs. 

Before booking the Bobcat machine it is important to have everything abiding by the law. It is also very important before renting this service from us to book a permit with the relevant local authorities. This will help to avoid fines and other related problems. It is essential that the client makes sure there is ample space for traffic to pass by without any significant blockages. If you need any clarifications or advice regarding this matter you may contact us for consultation. At Magic Skip Hire we will guide you accordingly at every step to help you have more peace of mind.

We will do our utmost to offer an efficient and cost-effective service to all our clients. You can book one of our services by contacting us on 79592036, via email, or by using our booking form. Click the below button to book one of our services by using our online form.

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