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Our Waste Collection Truck Fleet by Magic Skips

Our Services

At Magic Skip Hire (Lieru) we offer various waste disposal services. We cater for the industrial, commercial, hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants), and residential sectors. Our services are also offered on a contractual basis. This is ideal for businesses or individuals who need regularly the emptying of bins or skips. We also offer waste management consultations in order to make sure the client meets his/her goals whilst being in line with the law.


A Magic Skips we have provided our waste management services for large projects. We have very large skips, called hook loader skips ranging from 20 yards up to 40 yards. Therefore whether your needs are big or small we will help you have peace of mind and get this waste sorted out.

Our skips can be used to dispose of construction waste, carton, paper, glass, wood, and other mixed waste. However, for mixed waste, it is important to kindly contact us prior to booking. Do not waste your time with waste. Contact us today to book a service, get a quote, or know more. We will be glad to assist you with your needs.

Choose from the below services

Small Skip Hire in Malta
Large Skip Hire in Malta
20 Yard Hook Loader Skip Hire
25 and 40 Yard Hook Loader Skip Hire
Bin on wheels for hire
Large Skip Hire in Malta
Waste Collection Service in Malta
Bobcat Hire in Malta
Rubble Chute for Hire in Malta
Construction Sieve Machine for Hire in Malta
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